AFTERBIRTH "Brutal Inception" LP

  • AFTERBIRTH "Brutal Inception" LP
  • AFTERBIRTH "Brutal Inception" LP
  • AFTERBIRTH "Brutal Inception" LP

When your local peers are SUFFOCATION, INTERNAL BLEEDING, REPUDILATION, and PYREXIA, you better bring the brutality. Though not as fast or as slammy, AFTERBIRTH was the most GUTTURAL of all of them. Matt Duncan's croaks could shake Earth.

This release also contains rehearsal tracks.

“Psychopathic Embryotomy” was recorded, engineered and mixed by Joe Marselle and AFTERBIRTH at Legend Studios, Islip, New York, USA

The rehearsal tape was recorded by AFTERBIRTH

Mastering for this release by Lasse in Ballade Studios in March 2022

Cover art by Mark Riddick

Logo by Cody Drasser

The fetuses were:
Matt Duncan – Vomital regurgitations
Cady Drasser – Chord bastardizer
David Case – Lower register
Keith Harris – Epidermal battery

Released on LP by Extremely Rotten Productions

All rights belong to AFTERBIRTH


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