ENGULFED "Engulfed In Obscurity"

  • ENGULFED "Engulfed In Obscurity"

While everyone is sucking Gatecreeper's flaccid dicks - if you want to hear the real thing, check this out:

Yes, it's "OSDM..." Yes, they use the HM-2 but they have something that many of these younger wannabes don't have and that is: brutality, melody, atmosphere and conviction all intertwined in great songwriting.

There are many epic moments that reminds me of DISGORGE's "Raise The Pestilence."

Just check the link above. We don't even give a fuck if you don't buy it from us, buy it from somewhere else. Support these guys because this is so good.

You don't want to be one of those asshole who passed this up and 20 years later this becomes one of those gems that is ridiculously overpriced on Discogs / Ebay.

BRAND NEW STOCK ITEMS but please know these CDs came from TURKEY without jewel case. It's now housed in one with plastic resealable sleeve.

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