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K2 "Food Fascism"


Image of K2 "Food Fascism"
  • Image of K2 "Food Fascism"
  • Image of K2 "Food Fascism"

Japanese noise hero 公秀草深 [Kimihide Kusafuka] is one true master of abrasive audio that any dedicated harshhead will be familiar with. Since the early 80s, he released some genre top-classics (mainly through his own Kinky Music Institute label) collaborating with people such as Incapacitants, MSBR, The New Blockaders, The Haters and countless others. In these new recordings, junk electronics, feedback system and MTR conjure an insalubrious, damaged psychedelic vortex in two acts.

Black tape, norelco case, pro printed j card + extra insert
Edition of 70

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