• THE HERETICS FORK "Opacis Doloris" CD

After 2 years of relief, the inquisitors will return on OCTOBER 31, 2020 to reopen those tender old wounds with their latest opus “Opacis Doloris”.

The blades are sharper, the rope is tighter, and the iron is colder; The Heretics Fork drives the nails deeper and the unimaginable pain forces you to retreat to the darkest recesses of your mind. There is no escaping the realities of terror and despair.

The Heretics Fork have expanded their devices to a more complete and complex horror....and they await your flesh.

Featuring guest vocals of Jamie Bailey of BRODEQUIN and Paulo Paguntalan of MIASMATIC NECROSIS.

LIMITED to 300

RELEASE DATE: 10.31.2020