MANGLED TORSOS "Drawings Of The Dead" DLP

  •  MANGLED TORSOS "Drawings Of The Dead" DLP
  •  MANGLED TORSOS "Drawings Of The Dead" DLP

A Death Metal masterpiece that has been buried by time and dust.

Extremely unique, and honestly hard to describe. Their use of melody is unlike any other. This album is product of a very specific time and place when Death Metal, Goregrind, Gothic Death Doom were all on the rise and this is the nexus of those bizarre genres.

Try to imagine a Death Metal Band (with an ultra guttural vocalist) with Goregrind aesthetics who aspired to play huge rock arenas by lacing their songs with throwaway Guns N Roses style leads. I know it sounds like a train wreck but somehow, it sincerely works.

While everyone is currently obsessing over "Caveman," "Ping" or whatever hot shit there is right now....Please do yourself a favor and check this out.

It might NOT click with you right away but when it does, it's so worth it.

Also, props to MORBID RECORDS for doing the album in such beautiful and proper packaging.


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