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AEVITERNE "Sireless"


Image of AEVITERNE "Sireless"
  • Image of AEVITERNE "Sireless"
  • Image of AEVITERNE "Sireless"
  • Image of AEVITERNE "Sireless"

Aeviterne’s “Sireless” captures the sound of existential nightmares lurking deep beneath your subconscious. Each song is densely layered, draped with bleak industrial undertones and cold melodic passages. The guitars produce an impenetrable wall of sound accompanied by charging tribal war drums and a plodding bass keeping pulse. Tortured vocals wailing in agony drape the record, reminiscent of the early days of Death Metal.

Mastered by Colin Marston, the 7” has a tangible, warm, mid-range sound that’s in perfect harmony with the beautiful, enigmatic and surreal artwork by Mark McCoy.

Black 7" Edition of 100
Clear 7" Edition of 200

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