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You're alone out on the ocean. Floating adrift wherever the current is taking you, trying to survive but you have lost track of days; starving, lips cracked and hallucinations are becoming more tangible, voices becoming louder. Reciting the prayers along with the choir - a language you have never spoken before. The flesh is overcome by weakness, you descend into the gaping maw of the abyss. Sunlight quickly disappears and the rumbling from the deepest chasm creates a maelstrom. Right before you are swallowed, you witness something far beyond your comprehension: ancient and eternal, it awakens. The oceanic sepulture convulses as your lungs collapse and you are devoured.

This is CASTLEUMBRA "Nammu Tammtu."

DISCLAIMER: This is the VOMIT RECORDS Digipack CD version - The record label by one of the musicians of CASTLEUMBRA.


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